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The Afterword Podcast

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The sound of the waifs and strays of the Word magazine blog (RIP), musing along the byways of popular culture. We blather, you listen — that’s the deal.

Oct 22, 2014

Realising that not enough had been said about country, country rock and Americana in the Country Rock Podcast, the quartet of Pencilsqueezer, Retropath2, SteveT with Carl Parker in the facilitator’s chair (with Twang toiling in the basement, turning a dynamo to keep the electricity flowing) reconvened to enlighten you, the Afterword blogger, about what’s hot and what’s not from Music Row in Nashville.

Paths are trodden, tangents taken, Taylor Swift gets a nod of approval from one of the Fantastic Four, JJ Cale and interpretations of his music argued over and an affable hour passed faster than a Nashville session player can knock out the rhythm line for the latest Garth Brooks recording.

The Afterword presents Country Rock Podcast Part 2 - saddle up the old Palomino!