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The Afterword Podcast

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The sound of the waifs and strays of the Word magazine blog (RIP), musing along the byways of popular culture. We blather, you listen — that’s the deal.

Jun 24, 2016

Ahead of his "triumphant appearance"* in the Dolly Parton slot at Glastonbury Festival this weekend, Jeff Lynne and ELO disciple, DoctorJ, aided by Iain Mc tries to convince DFB & Steven C that he is the messiah and not a naughty Fabs tune ruining boy

We get alternate reviews of ELO's recent delayed dat at the 3Arena in Dublin (The Point, for all you old heads)

Discover if the line up who played on the band's 1971 live album from Long Beach, CA are still all above ground

Why is he back and is it just the case that rock snobbery got him so wrong.

Won't DFB just let DoctorJ speak without slipping jokes under his enthusiastic theories cos it's really annoying.

Is it just rock / pop music for people who know fuck all about rock / pop music?

Don't bring me down, let's rockaria!

* so spake Nostradamus \ DrJ