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The Afterword Podcast

This is GLK London calling the audio companion to

The sound of the waifs and strays of the Word magazine blog (RIP), musing along the byways of popular culture. We blather, you listen — that’s the deal.

Oct 1, 2016

Slumped round a table at the restaurant at the end of the universe waiting for Disaster Area's set or The Great Prophet Zarquon - whichever is first,  Mr DFB, Ganglesprocket, Kid Dynamite and NewPathsToHelicolin discuss post apocalyptic fiction.

Periods in history appear to throw up interest in bleak futurescapes and we are living through a particularly bounteous one at the moment. Wyndham, The Walking Dead, The Enemy, War Of the Worlds, Matinee, Threads, Survivors, Triffids, various novel recommendations and I Am Legend in all its guises are combed over as well as why we seem to like to wish the human race wiped out so regularly. How would we survive in a post apocalyptic world? Well you'll just have to listen to find out.

We pose as many questions as we answer including "will this wind be so mighty as to lay low the mountains of the earth?" *

*Answer: No