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The Afterword Podcast

This is GLK London calling the audio companion to

The sound of the waifs and strays of the Word magazine blog (RIP), musing along the byways of popular culture. We blather, you listen — that’s the deal.

Mar 18, 2017

Yes its the bloody Beatles again - well, we - that being the regular podders DFB, StevenC & DrJ PLUS fresh face NigelT making a stunning debut - look at the solo career AFTER his All Things Must Pass album and enquire if unlike Lennon post Imagine - is there anything to see?

Somehow we take in the 80's TV show 'In At The Deep End', the Dark Hoarse tour, the much remaindered Living In The Material World, Steven C's marvellous Spotify playlist, Oliver Reed, Neil Innes, wife-swapping, croque monsieurs and everything in between. Oh and of course Jeff Lynne & the 1986 Brumbeat concert at the third time of asking.

It's a non stop cavalcade of chat and when you reach the end - we ain't done - there is more in the can for the future. Hari Hill to you all.