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The Afterword Podcast

This is GLK London calling the audio companion to

The sound of the waifs and strays of the Word magazine blog (RIP), musing along the byways of popular culture. We blather, you listen — that’s the deal.

Dec 28, 2016

NB: This podcast has been delayed due to serious sound issues and this 20 minute section may be the only salvageable bit and Twang has done a fine job to bring this greatly entertaining demolition to you.

So Dogfacedboy asked for people to listen to albums that they haven't listened to before for purely childish or...

Dec 10, 2016

Mr Dogfacedboy meets up with one of his favourite people in the world - singer songwriter Kathryn Williams in London. They shoot the shit about the myriad projects she has simmering away as well as reflecting on the Child Refugee benefit last Friday at Union Chapel which is reviewed elsewhere on the site.


Dec 4, 2016

Twang, Bartleby, Attackdog and El Hombre Malo polish their plectrums, clip on their capos and gather in the pod to discuss guitars.  No, wait, come back!  Inevitably there is some nerdery (it’s four guitarists talking to each other after all) but much humour, wry reflections on ability or otherwise, gig...